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Name:Police Chief Marge Gunderson
Location:Brainerd, Minnesota, United States of America
pret·ty good, adj. (IPA: /ˈpɹɪti ɡʊd / )
1. (Minnesotan) Completely marvelous, but I'm much too modest/jealous to admit it.
2. (Minnesotan) Awful, but I don't want to burden/offend you.
3. (Minnesotan, indifferent) Meh.
4. (Minnesotan, existential) Indicates a sort of Keillor-esque level of serene Wobegonian contentment, in which a person's experiences, achievements, and level of attainment are all above average, but not the kind of above average that makes you any better than anyone else.
5. (Minnesotan, rare) Quite good, actually.

Example: Marge Gunderson is Chief of Police up in Brainerd. Most folks would say she's pretty good at her job. I'd go a bit stronger than that, though. She's a heckuva cop, dontcha know. Darn tootin'.

Marge Gunderson is a character from the movie Fargo, which is property of Polygram Film Productions. She is being used solely for roleplaying in [community profile] milliways_bar and no profit is being made off of her use whatsoever.
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